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Krav Maga in Marrickville

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Our Krav Maga Black Classes in Marrickville and Earlwood Offer Cutting-Edge Self-Defence Skills For Any Situation

At Urban Kombat, we are proud to offer a comprehensive approach to self-defence. Our Krav Maga system offers everyday people access to instinctual strategies and effective martial arts like never before.

We are proud to work with adults all across Marrickville and Earlwood. We train all experience levels and are dedicated to helping everyone stay safe. Our Krav Maga Black classes are fun and friendly with egos left at the door to ensure a fantastic community vibe of people wanting to learn and to Stay Safe.

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Krav Maga near Marrickville

Why Is Krav Maga Right For You?

Originally built by the Israeli Defence Forces, Krav Maga is now known worldwide as one of the best ways to defend against real-world threats. The entire system is rooted in everyday applications, helping you stay ready to act at a moment's notice. The key to Krav Maga is simplicity – learning how to neutralise an attacker by using the natural reflexes of the body as a base for self defence.

With Urban Kombat, you'll enjoy hands-on instruction from some of Earlwood and Marrickville's most accomplished coaches. You'll train in a safe, ego-free environment where you can learn something new every day and feel supported through every step of the process. Each class looks at how a technique fits the problem being faced, and delivers a learning experience that will be fun, interesting and rewarding.

Our Krav Maga Black classes can help you:

  • Land powerful strikes on an attacker from any position
  • Improve your situational awareness and react at a moment's notice
  • Rely on instinctual strategies to be more efficient and effective in every movement
  • Maintain a calm mind in high-stress situations

And Don't Forget: We're Helping You See Total-Body Results

Krav Maga is all about self-defence and the purpose of everything we teach is your safety in the face of real-world violence. Each class looks at how a technique fits the problem being faced, and delivers a learning experience that will be fun, interesting and rewarding.

But that doesn't mean our workouts aren't challenging.

At Urban Kombat, we're helping you get the most out of your body. We offer instruction with real-world simulations and we help push you to give everything you've got. Fitness is an important component of dealing with high stress loads and executing techniques under pressure.

You'll be so focused on improving your self-defence skills that you won't even realize how hard you're working.

Krav Maga near Marrickville

Join us in Marrickville today for a 3-pronged approach to developing your skills in the reality-based self defense of Krav Maga Black:

  1. Technical training: You will learn how to overcome common attacks with blocks, strikes, prevention and awareness
  2. Physical training: Fitness is key to your general preparedness for dealing with work and life stress, plus the hormonal response to a violent encounter. The fitter you are, the better you can deal with…everything. We incorporate basic elements of TACFIT – the tactical fitness program used to physically prepare professionals working in dangerous and stressful situations. Our bodies are the same. Learn and adapt with TACFIT and your Krav Maga will be heightened.
  3. Experience: You will develop the skills and mindset to execute moves when it counts. At Urban Kombat we simulate violent assault scenarios in a controlled environment. This prepares you with Blueprinting and if you are called to defend yourself then you will be in familiar territory.

Don't Miss Out On Marrickville's Best Krav Maga Classes

If you're ready to change the way you train, we have the answer here at Urban Kombat in Marrickville. Our Krav Maga Classes are great for all ages and experience levels. Our greater mission is to help you live a bolder, more active life, without limitations. If you’re bored of the gym, injured by cross fit, beyond bootcamp, and don’t fit a traditional martial arts mould, then adult martial arts classes at Urban Kombat are here to transform you.

All you need is a commitment to yourself to succeed.

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Krav Maga near Marrickville

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