Wilkins Public School, 31 Park Rd, Marrickville, Australia NSW 2204

What happens in regular training session?

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Kids Krav classes are 45 minutes, and involve techniques, games, and fitness. Techniques are themed around responses to bullying or common child predator lures.

The overarching theme of Kids Krav classes is to have maximum fun in developing empowered children.

A Krav Maga Black training session lasts for an hour.

Each class starts with a structured 10 minute warm up that is specific to the training planned for that class. Classes cover techniques and combatives training in a range of scenarios. Specific content will vary from class to class. The areas covered include:

  • Combatives (how to deliver and block various kicks, knees, elbows, and hand striking techniques)
  • Self Defense (releases from common chokes, grabs, holds, including defending various strikes)
  • Stress drills (developing tolerance for high stress levels, to simulate the stress of a real attack)
  • Multiple attackers (dealing with multiple attackers in different scenarios)
  • Fitness and Conditioning (preparing our bodies to be physically ready to deal with violent situations)
  • Scenario training (safe and structured drills to simulate a realistic fight)
  • Contact Fighting (safe fight training with protective equipment)

We ensure that your training is planned in a way that builds on your skills and delivers training suitable to your Krav Maga progress.

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