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What is Krav Maga?

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Krav Maga is a defensive tactics system. It is sometimes called the Israeli Martial Art, and often referred to as the world’s most effective self defence system.

It is practical, easy to learn and requires no prior experience.

Krav Maga focusses on solutions to common assaults: grabs, chokes, holds, strikes.

Krav Maga is Hebrew for ‘Contact Combat’ and was designed by Imi Lichtenfeld in response to the rise of fascism in the 1940s, which saw marauding gangs of neo-nazis regularly attack jewish communities across Europe.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was the first order given by David Ben-Gurion after the Israeli proclamation of Independence in 1948.

Imi Lichetenfeld was appointed to lead the IDF hand-to-hand combat training, and Krav Maga was born. It is a system still in place today at the IDF.

Krav Maga is now the standard for military fighting in most NATO armies and special forces units around the world.

Krav Maga Black at Urban Kombat has military roots with our Masters serving as IDF officers and sergeants, however it has been adapted for civilian populations.

The fighting system tackles common assaults such as grabs, chokes, holds, strikes, and ground fighting.

Krav Maga is simple and effective. It’s military heritage and current use means that everything in the system must be practical and effective for anyone to use to protect themselves.

Krav Maga is not a combat sport like Tae Kwon Do, Judo or Karate. It provides people with an effective toolkit for understanding the true nature of street violence – from the lead up to an altercation, the physical responses to different scenarios, and also post-event effects.

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