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Why New Year Resolutions Aren’t Your Solution

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New Year Resolutions don’t work, they never have. Science says so here.

Actually, the science tells you that it might be possible if you take a long series of extraneous steps to truly make the grandiose changes you think you want in the New Year. And even then. It’s less than 10% success rate.

Krav Maga near Marrickville

Why don’t New Year Resolutions Work?

I’ll cut to the chase of their findings; there are so many steps that involve ingrained behaviour change, plus a 3-step process of writing stories about yourself to create a New Self that I barely got to the end of the findings without my eyes glazing over and wondering why the kids were so quiet and should I go and investigate just to get out of reading the rest of the story about how much work is involved in creating unrealistic change.

That’s why you fail at New Years Resolutions. It’s ok, you’re not especially weak or a quitter or anything, you’re just like everyone else.

The most common New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, and eat better.

I think we can all agree that these are among the most boring things to actively pursue with any genuine interest. All nice things, all good things, but as a conscious project to undertake…not so inspiring.

But here’s what you can do: Find something interesting to do that has an active basis. From that activity, all the other stuff follows in an organic fashion.

Change Should Happen Easily

Here’s what I mean: When we have people start our Krav Maga Self Defence class once a week – just 1 hour of your total week, they start to get fitter. Then they start to eat better, then they start to exercise more to get even fitter to reach the goals we create in the framework of progress used in our grading system to improve students skills. Next thing, you’ve noticed improvements in your mental wellbeing and everything just seems to fall into place.

Why does all this happen organically?

Because people enjoy being at Urban Kombat. They’re challenged, stimulated, seeing changes and progress, meeting cool people and having fun doing something a bit different, which becomes a conversation piece – or sweet humblebrag.

Krav Maga near Marrickville

Be a Humblebragger, it’s okay to be awesome

Sure you can bore people with stories of your tennis, or new gym, or whatever.

But when you start telling people that you’re doing Krav Maga and they say ‘What’s Krav Maga?’ And you say ‘It’s a reality-based self-defence system developed by the Israeli Defence Force to beat Nazis and deal with common assaults and…look, I’m basically Batman, Wonder Woman, James Bond, and every Jason Statham character okay, but tell me more about your new gym and tennis thingy, sounds amazeballs.

I won’t lie. It feels pretty cool. In fact, unverified science shows that an individual’s cool quotient rises 96% as a result of doing Krav Maga. Science.

So start going to a Krav Maga class once a week at Urban Kombat. You don’t need to change yourself. Turn up each week and you will change. It just happens.

Email us to book your first class. Now go and do exactly what you’ve always done. You’re awesome.

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