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About Garth Montgomery

Short note from Garth

People come to self defence for a range of reasons. My job as the coach is to understand those reasons and help guide you to the outcomes that you ultimately want. These outcomes typically include the ability to deal with a threatening confrontation, improve general confidence and fitness, and treading a path to challenge yourself at the highest level to become the best version of yourself.

Whatever your reasons, you will learn battle tested real world combatives in a friendly environment, making friends with a depth you never knew possible, in a community that usually becomes a personal sanctuary – a home away from home.

I look forward to helping you on your path to self improvement by gaining the practical skills and mindset of someone who knows how to protect themselves against multiple attackers and armed aggressors.

Stay Safe,

Garth Montgomery

About Garth Montgomery

Garth Montgomery has a life long background in Martial Arts, with training in Karate, Kung Fu, BJJ, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai before discovering Krav Maga. His passion for Martial Arts excellence since 1996 has been overseen by full contact world champion, Rick Spain, at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisation.

krav maga self defence inner west

Garth Montgomery earns his Wing Chun Kung Fu Black Belt with former full contact middleweight world champion Sifu Rick Spain.

Garth’s Krav Maga training and instructor certification is overseen by the the world’s leading Krav Maga practitioners Amnon Darsa and Haim Sasson at Krav Maga Core International.

Best krav maga classes inner west

From Left – Krav Maga Core International Master Haim Sasson, Garth Montgomery, Krav Maga Core International Master Amnon Darsa at Core Camp in Shefayim Israel.

Garth has trained and been graded in the birthplace of Krav Maga, Israel. He has completed the world’s most arduous and comprehensive civilian instructor course with Krav Maga Core International. He has also completed the Kids Instructor Course run by Haim Sasson – acknowledged as a global expert and architect of the highest quality kids self-defence curriculums and training development programs.

Garth has also trained and been graded to instructor level by the senior instructor team that administer Krav Maga programs to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) special forces units – Ran Nakash, Ron Engelmann, Italy Dannenberg, who now head Krav Maga international (KMI).

Ran Nakash Krav Maga Class

From Left – Italy Danenberg (IDF Krav Maga elite division instructor), Garth Montgomery (Urban Kombat chief instructor), Ran Nakash (Chief Commander of the IDF’s Krav Maga instructional division – the highest ranking professional authority in Krav Maga) Garth Montgomery completed the Civilian Instructor Course and other seminars under Ran Nakash.

“Ive committed my life to being the best coach by seeking out the best teachers from around the world,” said Garth.

“I sought out the best Israeli Krav Maga instructors in Amnon Darsa and Haim Sasson – both rated among the best practitioners and global leaders in Krav Maga development.

kids krav maga sydney

Middle – Garth Montgomery at the tactical training facility for defence and security forces in Netanya Israel.

“Training with Ran Nakash was truly an honour after having seen him on the Fight Quest series, which arguably put Krav Maga on the global map.

“It was exciting and humbling to have been in the very first intake of Civilian Instructors trained by Nakash’s KMI, and Krav Maga Core International, which are leading the development of Krav Maga as it evolves with the times,” said Garth.

krav maga marrickville

Garth Montgomery training at Masada in Israel

Garth takes great pride in the depth of teaching standards and class content structure that helps people become the best version of themselves.

“A student can only be as good as the coach guiding them, and our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to bring out the best in individual students as they take this journey into reality based self defence,” Garth said.

“The adults curriculum is vastly different in content and delivery to the kids curriculum.

“The pacing of the adults class is a steady ramping up of intensity as proficiency of technique increases over the course of the class.

“These classes are focussed on detailed technical training, scenarios, and the spectrum of possibilities involved in situations that can or do become violent.

“The Kids Krav classes have a different pace that ramps up and down frequently, with a focus on variety and games to enhance the learning opportunities for physical development and lateral thinking as games illustrate a point related to the technique.

In 2010 Garth completed the first Nationally Recognised Training program with government accreditation for a Certificate IV in Sport Coaching, specialising in Martial Arts.

He has a Wing Chun Kung Fu black belt under Sifu Rick Spain, who was the live-in student to Grandmaster William Cheung. Cheung is a legend in Martial Arts having trained under Yip Man with Bruce Lee.

Garth is also a qualified personal trainer, and certified TACFIT instructor by RMAX chief Scott Sonnon (Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer, US national martial arts team coach, and professional Special Forces strength and conditioning trainer).

If you’d like to train to be Fit, Strong and Ready for any situation, book into a Krav Maga Induction class, or call Garth on 0408 864 851.

Urban Kombat Garth Montogomery

Garth Montgomery with RMAX founder Scott Sonnon being awarded TACFIT Instructor and Clubbell Instructor