Why Learning Self Defence For Kids Is Invaluable For Boosting Confidence

Martial arts classes are one of the most popular extra curricular activities for children across the world. Unlike many other sports, self defence for kids has equal value in both their mental and physical wellbeing. While it’s great for getting them active, there is much that learning self protection can do for confidence and social anxieties that many young children suffer. Bullies and predators are a reality and getting kids prepared for the unknown can work wonders for boosting mental wellbeing.

self defence for kids

Self defence for kids is invaluable in boosting self-confidence while placing importance in physical wellbeing. No other activity teaches in such a holistic way.

Active Kids Are Happy Kids

There is no denying the massive influence that an active lifestyle has on our mental wellbeing. For kids this applies twofold. Children are balls of energy, and without proper release, this can have negative effects on their focus. Many don’t get the right amount of sleep due to inactive lifestyles being in school or relaxing at home. Sleep is extremely important in mental health, and studies have shown that levels of exercise have a direct correlation with academic results due to better sleep patterns.

Learning self defence is a well balanced form of exercise. Anyone can participate at their own rate and there is little pressure on competition. That being said it is still a very social activity, with classes holding up to 14 students who are encouraged to learn with and from others. There is a great emphasis in self defence on engaging the entire body, helping kids build strength, and keeping fit with cardiovascular exercise as they learn a range of techniques to help them keep safe.

All of these factors contribute to an overall sense of confidence, safety and self worth and are the reason why self defence is the most holistic activity kids can participate in.

Threats In The Real World

The reality is that kids are susceptible to physical harm as much as adults. Bullying is still prevalent in schools and there are threats that exist on the outside too. Self protection systems like Krav Maga make no mistake in hiding children from the realities of the world. Rather they aim to arm kids with the right tools to be able to handle situations properly.

self defence for kids

Real self defence aims to move away from the flashiness of traditional martial arts. There are four key areas that are taught to children looking to defend themselves. These include:

  • Avoidance through awareness and intuition
  • De-escalation
  • Physical defence
  • Post event issues

The paradox of kids learning self protection skills and strategies is that the more they learn, the more confident and empowered they become, the less likely they’ll be targeted as potential victims.

Connecting The Mind and Body

Learning self defence is a brilliant way to help align mental focus and physical response. For kids this can have a huge impact on brain development and cognitive function. Self defence places a focus on controlling mental and physical responses to threats, and using natural bodily reactions to our benefit. Learning these skills at a young age can really help kids with emotional control – a great skill for later years.

Urban Kombat founder Garth Montgomery is a globally certified instructor with Krav Maga Core International. Our Kids Krav Induction classes can be booked for Monday and Wednesday at 4pm. For any adults interested Book into a Krav Maga Induction class, or call Garth on 0408 864 851.