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Attention Physical Education Teachers

How would your students benefit from an Urban Kombat Schools Self Defence program?

The Urban Kombat Schools program focusses on personal safety skills and strategies for students with no prior experience.

Our program consists of child safety expert research around the ‘Dirty Dozen’ lures used by child predators, plus anti bullying survival techniques including avoidance and prevention, de-escalation, physical defence, and post event issues.

Sounds heavy, huh? So are the unchecked consequences of these events on children.

But we make it fun, engaging and empowering. The kids will use self defence drills and games to develop critical life skills that should be part of every well-rounded curriculum for developing our future generations.

Each class involves structured games for physical fitness to ensure that health and exercise issues are presented in a positive and engaging manner. This ensures that kids embrace self-improvement measures to reap the wider benefits of being physically confident.

The Urban Kombat Schools program runs for 10-12 weeks and is ideal for PE classes, incursion programs run in school hours, or part of an OHSC (outside hours school care) program.

Awareness and Avoidance

-Our Kids learn about the importance of body language plays a decisive role in victim selection by predators

-What is ‘Intuition’ and what measures can we take when we something doesn’t feel right

-Common Predator tactics used to distract and lower your general awareness and natural defences. Ever been asked the time or for directions? What’s the best response? We look at best practise or optimum safety without being rude or paranoid

-How politeness can be dangerous

-How natural assertiveness can save your life

-Safe habits for public transport use

-How to carry your wallet, purse or bag without signalling that you are ripe for the picking

-What to do if being followed

Verbal strategies for De-escalation

-The 4 golden rules of de-escalation

-Being tactically submissive as a deception

Getting home safely

-Simple, effective, efficient techniques that anyone can learn and quickly apply to attackers regardless of strength and size

-Basic combatives, striking, clinching, and grappling

-Solutions for the most common attacks

-Simulated attack scenarios in a safe and supportive environment

Urban Kombat Instructors

All Urban Kombat instructors have a government accredited Working With Children Check by the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

Urban Kombat instructors are government accredited martial arts instructors with Nationally Recognised Training quaifications.

Urban Kombat instructors have passed rigorous international instructor courses by Krav Maga Core for Civilian Instructor Certifications, and Kids Instructor Certification.

Getting Started

Call Urban Kombat Schools Program director Garth Montgomery on 0408 864 851 or email for further enquiries.