Urban Kombat Pricing

Krav Maga Black Induction Class – $29

  • Immediate skills to take away from the first class
  • Detailed instruction with other beginners
  • Brief history of Krav Maga system
  • Q&A on Krav Maga methodologies

Get started today for Adults or Kids Krav.

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Class Packages*

Pricing package includes:

  • Induction Class
  • Special prices for workshops and special events
  • Member discounts on merchandise, and training gear

Ready to get Fighting Fit?

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BOOK NOW WARRIOR: Unlimited classes p.w $39

*Paid fortnightly. Cancel any time after the initial 8 weeks with 2 weeks notice. Suspended payments available for time off.


Hate contracts and all that? We get it. But here’s the deal: You can not casually learn self-defence. You can not casually learn anything without sustained commitment.

When you join Urban Kombat, you commit to an initial minimum of 8 weeks training. The first class is complimentary – that includes an Induction Class and a full class, so you can decide if this is for you.

We believe that once you establish a pattern of attendance, and see the first signs of results and experience the changes in skills and confidence, you’ll be hooked on a journey of self-development like you never imagined.

Sure you can bounce around from one thing to the next, never really gaining proficiency in anything. And you can be a Freebie Shopper, always looking for the next round of deals to distract you from the real changes that you crave.

Or you can commit, learn, and change for real. Be real. You’ll notice the difference.