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Children are among our most vulnerable people in society. They face a broad range of dangerous and threatening situations, and they have the fewest tools to protect themselves. Our Kids Krav program is specialised to assist children to develop into mature and healthy, strong adults.


Kids Krav Maga Sydney

Kids Krav self defence in Inner West Sydney teaches discipline and self confidence for strong, mature children

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Real self defence for kids is more than just flashy martial arts moves. Our program exposes kids to the four distinct stages of self-protection:

  • Avoidance through awareness and intuition
  • De-escalation
  • Physical defence
  • Post event issues

Fun games promotes technical training

Kids need to have fun to stay interested. Each Kids Krav lesson plan is carefully constructed to provide technical training amidst games and activities that help develop your child’s physicality.

A comprehensive program of Krav Maga techniques has been modified for age-appropriate and situation-appropriate scenarios.

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The Kids Krav curriculum integrates fun activities with skills training to build a base of crucial life skills to help your child deal with peer aggression (aka Bullying), and other forms of violence they may confront.

Subjects such as cooperation, confidence, focus, body awareness, hygiene, nutrition, stranger awareness, and bully busting prepare your kids for a safe future, without unnecessary fear and worry.

A range of safety awareness activities including road safety, water safety, sun safety, fire safety, electrical safety, safety around animals, burns, poisons and other dangers are subtly integrated into classes to create a healthy awareness and understanding without creating unnecessary worry for children.

Kids krav maga inner west sydney

The more kids know, the less parents worry

Hear what parents and educators say about Urban Kombat Kids Krav self defense classes.

Urban Kombat™ instructors are also parents. We understand that confident and secure kids with positive self esteem are set for a bright future.

These kids are less likely to become victims of predatory crime, and less likely to commit acts of violence against others or themselves.

This means that as a parent, you can worry less. Knowing that your kids have the skills, knowledge and confidence to make good decisions means there is less need to anxious about their safety. Especially when these skills are supported with your own supervision and encouragement to thrive and survive.

Kids Martial Arts inner west sydney

The more kids know, the less they need to use 

The paradox of kids learning self protection skills and strategies is that the more they learn, the more confident and empowered they become, the less likely they’ll be targeted as potential victims.

As kids develop target hardening skills, there is less chance of them needing to implement any of the strategies learned at Kids Krav.

So congratulations. Simply allowing your kids to be educated about these subject matters has already reduced the chances of them being selected as victims, and if they are, they will have a skill set to deal with it.

Kids Krav Maga sydney self defence

Getting Started

Urban Kombat is for people who know the difference.

Our greater mission is to help you and your kids live a bolder, more active life, without limitations.

Have your child train with us to be Fit, Strong and Ready for Life’s challenges.

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