Is Krav Maga Suitable for Kids?

The beauty of Krav Maga is that it is designed for everyone and you are never too young to start. Kids Krav Maga has been created to address age-appropriate situations that your little one could find themselves in every day, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that they will be healthy, happy and safe no matter what. If you want your kids to not just survive, but thrive, consider Krav Maga. Here is a brief look at what it’s all about.

is krav maga suitable for kids

What is the best self defence for kids? It can be hard work ensuring that your child has everything they need to lead a healthy, happy life, but with Krav Maga you can cover a whole lot of bases all at once.

Learning discipline

As a parent, it is important to find a way to control your child without crushing their youthful enthusiasm though it can certainly be a challenge; Krav Maga provides a fantastic solution. Our principle-based learning system offers a great way for your kids to channel some of that boundless energy as they work towards concrete, achievable goals. Not only does it teach them to respect their peers, their instructors and themselves, it gives them a sense of focus that they will benefit from right throughout their adult life.

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Building fitness and strength

Getting your kid off the couch and away from those computer games is crucial to their growth and development but let’s be honest, organised and competitive sport isn’t for everyone. Krav Maga is based on natural movement, so your kids will be building fitness and strength in a way that suits their growing bodies. Best of all, they will be getting stronger and healthier without the pressure of being labelled a winner or loser.

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Gaining confidence

Being a kid isn’t always easy, especially if your child doesn’t have a lot of friends or has become the target of bullying. Krav Maga can help. By helping your child to be fitter, stronger and more social, Krav Maga can help them to not just feel good about them self, but also to have the confidence to strive for and reach their full potential in whatever they choose to do.

what is the best self defence for kids

Staying safe

Kids are among the most vulnerable members of our society but you simply can’t be there to protect them 24/7. Krav Maga teaches kids not just how to spot a dangerous situation, but how to get away from it as safely as possible. If ever they can’t avoid a confrontation, whether it involves a bully their own age or a much older, larger adult, we provide your child with the skills they need to defend themselves effectively.

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Having fun

Unless something is fun kids often struggle to stay interested long enough to learn what it is all about, which is why our kids Krav Maga classes revolve around playing games and having fun. All of the skills they need to learn are carefully incorporated into those fun exercises, so your child will have a great time while learning some of life’s most important lessons.

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It can be hard work ensuring that your child has everything they need to lead a healthy, happy life, but with Krav Maga you can cover a whole lot of bases all at once. If you have questions, concerns or would like to check out a Krav Maga class for yourself give us a call or drop by Urban Kombat. We are parents too and judging by our legion of healthy, happy kids here at the gym, we must be doing something right.