Inspiring Your Staff with Krav Maga

It is amazing what a little inspiration can do to boost productivity, especially in the world of business, though finding ways to get your staff firing on all cylinders can be easier said than done. If your workers are struggling to hit top speed of late, a corporate fitness program can help, and nothing will engage, inspire and motivate your team quite like Krav Maga. The following are just a few of the many ways of inspiring your staff with Krav Maga, benefiting you, your staff and your business.

inspiring your staff with krav maga

The better your team can work together the more successful your business will be and there is no better way to solidify those important bonds than team building by taking a group fitness or self defence class together

Health matters

The healthier your workers are the more beneficial they will be for your business and Krav Maga offers a high intensity workout that will get results fast. Healthy people are more likely to be happy, confident and creative, they tend to take less time off work due to injury or illness, and they are less likely to access your business’s health insurance or file worker’s compensation claims. While studies have repeatedly found that healthy workers are more focused, engaged and productive, many people feel too busy to invest in their health, but providing a corporate fitness program will make it easy for your entire team to be in peak health more often.

Success requires teamwork

The better your team can work together the more successful your business will be and there is no better way to solidify those important bonds than by taking a Krav Maga class or two together. Learning self defence can help to highlight the commonalities between people by showcasing the importance of personal safety, helping to break down interpersonal barriers that may have arisen due to petty misunderstandings. Working together towards a common goal can also establish a united sense of purpose and mutual respect that will carry over into the day to day running of your business.

krav maga corporate fitness program

You need to love your work

Even the most exciting jobs can get a little boring at times, in which case having a few workplace perks can make a massive difference. Offering Krav Maga classes for your staff won’t just show that you care about their personal health and happiness, it will provide a definite highlight that they will look forward to every week. Regardless of whether you offer classes every week, month or once every quarter, investing in the job satisfaction of your team will do wonders to reduce turnover rates, saving you time and money on recruitment.

Stress is the enemy

Everyone needs to let off steam every now and again, regardless of what they do for work; otherwise, that pent up stress, frustration and anger can have a drastic impact on your health, happiness and productivity. Krav Maga is not just a great way to burn off that excess energy; it teaches you how to control your emotions so those petty annoyances will be a lot less likely to affect you.

Create a team of leaders

While Krav Maga is primarily based on providing realistic self defence, training how to deal with highly stressful situations can also do wonders for a person’s leadership abilities. Investing in Krav Maga classes for your staff can therefore mean building a team of leaders, ensuring that your business will be in capable hands regardless of who is around or what is going on.

self defence class team building

Investing in the health, happiness and safety of your workers is a fantastic way to show that you care and it will also do wonders for their ability to do a great job for you. If you are thinking of investing in corporate fitness classes for your staff, contact Urban Kombat, because our range of Krav Maga classes will turn any group of workers into a team of champions.