Getting fit can be daunting if you feel unfit. And if you’re already fit, that dreaded plateau can be hard to escape. What to do? Get fit with Krav Maga.

Self Defence is an excellent way to start your fitness journey. Krav Maga Self Defence is a skills-based endeavour, so you’re learning critical life skills, but you notice that you’re drenched in sweat at the end of every class.

Krav Maga fitness

How can I get fit with Krav Maga? Combat arts give a total body workout like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Each class helps develop a disciplined work ethic as you become determined to learn new skills that bring addictive self improvement qualities. This is no bootcamp belligerence. No treadmill torture. You’re exhausting yourself, loving every second of it, and forgetting how much you initially hated “exercising”.

The average Krav Maga class combines high-intensity cardiovascular training, strength and conditioning work, and flexibility. All of it disguised. Because all you know is that you’re learning cool new things and being pushed to your limit in a fun and friendly environment despite the fact you’re learning savage skills to use in case of an attack.

Get fit with Krav Maga high intensity drills

There are many “martial arts” and “combat sports” out there. Everything from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA all offer something that combines physicality with fighting skills.

Krav Maga is for people who want a bit more than a fun work out doing a cool sport. Primarily because Krav Maga is no sport.

Krav Maga is a practical and realistic self defence fighting system. This is what to do out of a ring, on the streets, if you find yourself in a situation that could possibly be fatal.

This means simulating what it would be like. The sharply elevated heart rate. The adrenaline dump that clouds judgment, creates tunnel vision and auditory depravation. The “startle response” and “flinch reflex”.

Krav Maga classes make sure that these things aren’t a new experience. The practicality of what is being taught each class is the main reason people enjoy it so much. It’s not a competitive sport with rules, and it’s not a traditional martial art with customs and katas and forms. Krav Maga is about solutions. Those solutions are drilled in a way that mixes fun with intensity to inoculate you against the shock of real life encounter with violence.

The techniques used to solve common assaults also use your natural reactions to deal with any threat. Krav Maga practitioners learn tactics and techniques for fighting from any position by attacking vulnerable targets. That’s why there is no pre determined sequence of moves. The attack dictates the response. And the Krav Maga response follows the principles of being fast and effective.

This liberates the student from having to memorise the steps that you’re supposed to do. There is no time to stop and think in a real life situation. It is a continuous, simultaneous motion of activity that will get you out of trouble. In Hebrew this motion is called Retzev.

To gain the speed and accuracy, you will train using stress drills. To gain the muscle memory required to execute an effective response from your natural reaction, you will drill tactics and techniques to understand the logic behind your best response option.

Krav Maga Self Defence

What’s in an average Krav Maga class?

Each class is highly structured to maximise your learning, fitness and strength.

Classes start with a cardiovascular warm up, joint mobility, dynamic flexibility, muscle activation with strength work, then a fun fighting “game” designed for mental preparation.

Then the class will usually focus on one technique and one combative that is drilled and combined in scenarios with escalating intensity. Techniques can involve defences against chokes, holds, grabs, weapons and multiple attackers. Combatives are Krav Maga strikes for long, medium, and close range, involving kicks, knees, elbows and hands. These too are taught in scenario based drills.

The more you train, the more you become physically, mentally and technically prepared to address a multitude of real world situations.

There is a grading system for those who want to have their progress measured, and each new grade has different demands on the students abilities. Grading usually forces you to learn something with greater depth to be able to produce it effectively under pressure.

This can be fun, and a personal achievement, but the real motivation is the certainty that you’ve been in most situations that would present themselves on the streets – whether it’s one violent thug, a group of thugs, armed, unarmed, inside, outside, light, dark, noisy or quiet.

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Er, fun, you say?

The most fun! Because you become a legit bad ass. While others are playing soccer or netball, you’re doing gun and knife disarms. While friends are playing Oz Tag or doing Crossfit, you’re fighting multiple attackers with sticks. And destroying them.

The realism of Krav Maga has meant it is now the Go To fight system used in Hollywood movies.

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Sean Penn in The Gunman, Jennifer Lopez in Enough, every Angelina Jolie action movie (Tomb Raider, Mr and Mrs Smith, Salt) – all Krav Maga.

So while you and friends watch the latest action movies, you’re looking a fight scenes with familiarity, and your friends are realising they’re next to a real life hard arse. Talk about going “beastmode” at Crossfit looks a bit tame now.

Krav Maga car park fight

So if you’ve been looking for a good workout that challenges your cardiovascular fitness, muscles endurance, strength, power, agility and flexibility, you might want to look into Krav Maga.

Of course, these are just side benefits to the fact that you’re learning battle-tested skills to defend yourself against every imaginable threat. And that spectacular action on the silver screen is like a regular Krav class for you each week.

If you want to get fit, or would like to check out a Krav Maga class for yourself in Sydney’s Inner West, give us a call or drop by Urban Kombat.