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Could You Confidently Protect Your Family If Confronted By A Predator?

Get Fit & Learn Valuable Ways to Protect Your Brood with Krav Maga, The World's Leading Self Defence System used by soldiers and police around the world.

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Do You Ever Wonder If You've Got What It Takes To Protect Your Family?

Have you ever been in one of these situations and wondered if you could handle yourself?

  • You're walking down the street with your family and you see a group of men approaching
  • You're waiting in line with the family and someone is being obnoxiuos
  • Some bloke says something derogatory to your wife
  • Some bloke calls you out in front of everyone for no reason
  • Someone is in your house uninvited.

Ever had the feeling that there are some circumstances that you’re not prepared for? It worries you, right. You’re supposed to be the man and all that. But the most manly thing you do is watch tough stuff on TV and maybe go to the gym to do the same-mindnumbing-stuff-that-doesn’t-quench-your-manly-thirst-anymore.

We get it. You want more.

You want to be The Man. Not like building stuff and fixing everything kind of man. Or maybe you are.

But The Man who can handle himself and protect the brood.

Discover The Easy & Fun Way To Ensure You Can Protect Your Family... No Matter What

Krav Maga is a modern, practical and proven system of self-defense for today's volatile world. You will learn solutions to common assault scenario's using easy to learn techniques that are designed for high level proficiency in a short period of time.

It's the real deal taught to soldiers and police around the world who don't have a lot of time for training before they're in the field facing live situations and relying on Krav Maga to potentially save their life. Much more than a Martial Art. Krav Maga Black is your insurance policy against the unknown.

You're Family Are Trusting You To Protect Them, But Could You?

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Induction Class (Adults)

St Peters Primary School​
20 St. Peters St, St. Peters




Induction Class (Adults)

St Peters Primary School
​20 St. Peters St, St. Peters

Look And Feel Good With Skills To Back It Up

Right from the beginning you'll learn practical skills, in a non-threatening environment where everyone start at the same level. You hope that you never need to use Krav Maga, but violence is random and if it visits you, hopefully you’ve invested wisely in skills to save your life. Learn real self defence techniques that have been developed for real life circumstance.

Get Fit and Healthy For
A Purpose That

Learn Real Fight Skills Developed In The Military

Know How to Protect Your Family

Make Great New Friends, or bring a mate for accountability

Here's What People Say About Krav Maga...

Through Krav Maga Classes You Will:

  • Improve Decision Making Skills.
    Learn how to control you emotional & physical responses when under stressful situations.
  • Improve Your Confidence.
    Discover the practical skills to increase your confidence in dangerous situations.
  • Decrease Stress.
    Exercise is a proven stress reliever. And what could be better after a hard days at work?
  • Keep Sharp
    Stay alert to volatile situations and discover how to keep your senses alert when it comes to protecting yourself.

Learn The Skills To Keep Your Family Safe

Register for Your FREE Induction Class

Don't put it off any longer. Start learning the skills to protect your loved ones. Come and join us for an induction class for FREE. Absolutely nothing to pay and no obligation.  Simply come and find out how easy it is. You'll walk away with some very practical skills that will help you in any situation that you need to protect your family. 

A Few More Testimonials From Real People Who Love Krav Maga

“I'm Learning Some Practical Skills & Getting Fit Doing It.”

“I can defend myself against blokes bigger than me.”

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

How qualified are the instructors?

How is Krav Maga different to Martial Arts?

Is there contact in the training?

What Do I Wear?

How long will it take me to pick up Krav Maga?

Do I need to wear safety gear?