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About Urban Kombat

Welcome to Urban Kombat Krav Maga – your one-stop-shop to get Fit, Strong and Ready for modern urban living.

Whether you just want to Kombat a mostly sedentary urban lifestyle of work-eat-sleep-repeat; or you want some real life Kombat skills for unexpected urban realities, we’ve got you covered.

Our vision is to empower adults and children with practical self-defence and tactical fitness systems.

Krav Maga is recognised as the world’s leading self-defence system, offering easy-to-learn solutions to common assaults. This is way beyond a traditional martial arts style.

Kids Krav offers a unique curriculum that is age appropriate for developing children. Urban Kombat instructors are accredited with Krav Maga Core International, which offers the most comprehensive children program in the world – headed by renowned Israeli Krav Maga pioneer Haim Sasson. Kids Krav is lots of fun, and teaches real skills for developing confidence in practical self defence, and target hardening against child predators and bullies.

Our TACFIT tactical fitness systems are proven to develop functional strength, endurance, mobility, and recovery mechanisms for an effective response to physical challenges. 

Krav Maga and TACFIT are used by the world’s elite special forces for one reason: They work. They work because they are simple, efficient, and effective.

about urban kombat

Urban Kombat objectives

Urban Kombat trains people to be Fit, Strong, and Ready.

We help you to be physically equipped for the stressful demands and unpredictable nature of urban lifestyles.

We train people to know how to fight – a skill set you hope you never need, but you’re glad to have it – it could save your life.

We build confidence – to be the best version of yourself and do anything you like.

We build fitness – using TACFIT, Kombat Fit and Krav Maga, you’ll look and move like a ‘hard target’ for urban predators. 

We build community – meet people from your neighbourhood and forge new relationships with sweat, camaraderie, and laughs.

Our Mission at Urban Kombat is to provide the highest quality reality-based self defence and functional fitness training for adults and children.

The Krav Maga and TACFIT programs have purpose, method and progressions as your abilities grow.

We are the starting point for individuals interested in practical self defence against common assaults, and quick high-intensity workouts using effective training tools and unique bodyweight movement.

Getting Started

Urban Kombat is for people who know the difference.

If you’re bored of the gym, injured by crossfit, beyond bootcamp, and don’t fit a traditional martial arts mould, then Urban Kombat is here to transform you.

Train with us and you’ll be Fit, Strong and Ready for any challenge that Life throws at you.

Book your induction class for either Krav Maga Black, Kids Krav, or TACFIT by emailing Garth at Urban Kombat, or calling 0408 864 851.

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