5 Self Defence Moves Everyone Should Know | Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a system of realistic self defence that is based on your body’s natural instincts and movements. It was designed to be quick to learn and easy to use, even under highly stressful circumstances, which is why all of our key techniques are based on real life stances and situations. While the best way to learn Krav Maga is under the guidance of a qualified instructor, here is a brief look at some of our core techniques – 5 self defence moves everyone should know:


Anytime you throw a punch you should be aiming for any point below the eyebrows of your attacker, for instance their nose, chin or throat

Basic fighting stance

Every move in Krav Maga originates from our fighting stance. Start by standing with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart and your hands relaxed by your side. Next, take a step forward with your left foot, lift your right heel off the ground, and bend your knees slightly to provide a gentle spring to your stance. Lift your hands up in front of your face (almost as though you are ready to catch a basketball) then bring your elbows down so that they are tucked in close to the sides of your body. You are now in your fighting stance.

Knee strikes

This technique is particularly useful if you are attacked in confined spaces, such as a hallway, stairwell or on public transit. It starts off with you grabbing your attacker with both hands, one around their tricep, the other up and over their shoulder so that your forearm is across their throat. Once you have a solid grip, pull your attacker down towards you while launching your knee up into their groin, mid-section or even their face, and launch as many fast, hard knees as possible until your attacker is no longer a threat.


Straight punches

Anytime you throw a punch you should be aiming for any point below the eyebrows of your attacker, for instance their nose, chin or throat. To throw a straight punch, start by standing in your fighting stance, make a fist and extend it directly at your target. As you throw your punch your elbow should remain pointing towards the ground (rather than flared off to the side) and aim to strike your target with the top two knuckles of your fist. Push off the ball of your back foot and turn your shoulders and hips as you follow through; this will maximize the power behind your punch.


Hammer fist punch

This strike technique is similar to the straight punch, with the main difference being that the point of contact is the meaty part of your fist rather than the knuckles. Think of your arm as a hammer, with your forearm being the handle and your fist the head of the hammer. Just like with straight punches, you get power by rotating your hips and shoulders as you launch your punch while pushing off your back foot.

Defence against choke from the front

When someone grabs you by the throat the weakest part of their weapon (i.e. their arms) is the point where their thumb meets their wrist, making this the obvious target for a counter attack. To break free from such a choke, Krav Maga teaches you to raise your hands above your attacker’s arms, then quickly bring your hands down, grabbing your attacker’s wrists and pulling your elbows backwards in one fast motion. To make this defence even more effective, launch a knee strike at the same time that you are breaking their grip.

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